Pixie Haircut Finds

I have had hair above my shoulders for the last 12 years or so and am just now attempting to have a style that goes past my shoulders. And I had a pixie haircut right after college that I LOVED! It was the easiest hairstyle I have every had. It was beyond wash and wear. If I didn't want to walk out of the house with wet hair, it literally took about 45 seconds to blow dry. Men have it so easy.

Here a few vintage pixie haircut finds if you are looking to simplify your vintage hairstyle life. They are in a timetable order. These first 2 styles are from the early 50s. The first one is from a movie and in it, the actress also wore her hair loosely brushed back on the sides and top with a little lift with some pomade and it was so cute.

This style is from 1959. If you can't tell from the picture, the hair is parted all the way on the side and the bangs are roller set to come up in a pompadour that feathers to the side with a little curl onto the forehead.

And this final pixie, which is very similar to what I did after college, is from the 60s. My mom, who gave me my fine hair, wore her hair like this in college in the late 60s.


  1. Oh, I loved when I had my hair like this, too. It was so simple to style. The only thing that bothered me was the upkeep. I had to have it trimmed so often. Like a man only without the cheap price for a cute. I finally started to grow it out, and I went through a good Keely Smith time with my look.

  2. Great finds, thank you! I'm planning ahead a litte for going back to my natural blonde hair colour from my current very long, dyed black hair in a year or two, and I'm counting on having to cut it quite short. These are very inspiring, especially the first and the third ones.

  3. I just dyed my hair blonde and cut into a pixie...although my stylist is only 14 bucks...and she is AMAZING! But she is a very young lady who works in the older lady salon...so I'm guessing she gets a variety of heads to work on. I love the price and that I can get someone who actually can cut short hair!

  4. I love pixie cuts; I think they make the eyes pop out. Only thing is that I notice that they mostly look darling on the very thin.