But I don't own any Green clothes

I love it that our holidays are color coordinated. Valentine's Day is pink and red, Easter is lavender and yellow, anything that is based on our history or service people is red, white, and blue, and St. Patrick's day is green.

I have no problems finding appropriate clothing in my closet for holidays,
except St. Patrick's Day. I just don't own anything green. I have been wearing the same green scarf I got at a second hand store 10 years ago for St. Patrick's Day. I have a tie I bought a few years ago when I was waitressing at a high end restaurant, but that was a one time deal. Other than that, I own nothing green!

So this is my fix this year. I am not going to get any pats on the back from Martha Stewart for this one, but I am in a pinch and I need to retire the green scarf.

I started by just grabbing a picture online of this four leaf clover. And I have this felt that I use when I am making my own hair flowers for attaching to bobby pins. Hey! That's green!

My very fast, very sad cutting job. I'm obviously in a hurry.

Attached bobby pins to the back side with a hot glue gun.

I run a curling iron through my hair and pile the curls on top and French twist the back.

And now I am ready for too many Harps.


  1. Atta girl! Good millinery looks best with great hair (enough with the "bad hair day=hat day!)

    "Charming" effect you got there.

  2. So cute! Hey, I've got felt and a glue gun...hmmm....

  3. Looks great. Simple projects are often the best. :)

  4. That is really cute! Might have to try that...

    Are we allowed to make requests, by the way? Was just watching "Mildred Pierce" again, and really loved two hairstyles specifically (though I think the first you sort of answered with one of the styles in your marvellous books). First is Vita's (Ann Blyth's) hair in the scene where she slaps her mother (slapping Joan Crawford?!) and is kicked out of the house. The other is Joan's hair in the movie's bookends; it's sort of a circle roll chignon thing that's just fantastic though very simple. Maybe that's why it's so terrific.

    Darn, you may have to watch this fantastic movie now...

  5. Wow! Your hair looks fantastic, yet the style is so simple! I love the added felt shamrocks too!