Too many gift ideas to count

In my adventures surfing the web, I came across this site one day and was in awe of the plethora of goodies. From bobby pins to bandannas to Manic Panic vibrant hair colors, sourpussclothing.com is full of eye candy and great holiday gift ideas for any subculture girl.

I don't know how they could find so many themed trinkets to put on hair accessories, but they did. Imagine hair bobbles, barrettes, and bobby pins with cherries, brass knuckles, sparrows, switchblades, anchors, horseshoes, and more.

Along with bandanna prints in zebra and card suits, I don't know why, but I really want the one with la cucaracha print.

And for the girls pin curling out there who want to protect their style from the rain and snow this winter, how about an umbrella with a dice print. If you don't like the dice, perhaps a Sailor Jerry or flame print is more for you.

And don't think this is just a hair site. If it goes on your body or in your home, this site has it. Looking for something for your bo? How about a western pin-ups lamp? Something for the kitchen? How about a Bettie Page cutting board or pink leopard plates? Something for the bathroom? How about a card suits bath set? I could go on for pages. So just click the images to go.

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